Tue. May 30th, 2023

Russian missile damaged the building of a rehabilitation center for children in Stepanivka

The missile damaged the window of the Kherson Rehabilitation Center for Children, located in the village of Stepanivka. Tonight, a missile fell on the territory of a neighboring household. The wreckage of the missile fell to the rehabilitation center.

This was reported by the acting in lieu of director of the institution Volodymyr Sahaydak to the “Suspilne” media.

“It happened at night. The shooting was also heard very loudly. I know that the gas pipeline is broken here. Many houses were damaged, the roofs and windows were blown out. We are hiding in the basement, but it cannot be called a bomb shelter. There we hide between the walls, there are places where there are no windows. Children are afraid of shelling, we try to calm them down. We say that everything will be fine, now everything will end, and the missiles will not reach us, they will fly past, ” Volodymyr Sahaydak said.

The head of the rehabilitation center has been with the children all the time since the first day of the war. The employees of the center conduct classes and workshops for children to distract them from the sounds of explosions and gunshots.