Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Security Service of Ukraine conducted anti-terrorist trainings in the Kherson seaport. “Terrorist” attack was repulsed

Tactical and special anti-terrorist trainings of law enforcement officers took place on the territory of the regional center. Personnel of the regional department and the Kherson district police department, regional patrol police and security police departments, and representatives of other law enforcement agencies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine also took part in the events organized by the regional department of the Security Service of Ukraine. The trainings took place in conditions close to the real ones.
This was reported by the Security Service of Ukraine.

According to the trainings scenario, one of the “terrorist” groups tried to commit a “terrorist attack” on the territory of the sea trade port and took the company’s employees for hostages. Another group of conditional terrorists seized the cargo ship and made demands.

The anti-terrorist operation on the ship seized by the “terrorists” took place in several stages: after the end of the negotiations, an active phase began.
The Security Service Special Forces have neutralized the “terrorists” and released “hostages”. The participants of the trainings have gradually worked out the joint actions, assessed the effectiveness of forces and means aimed at counteracting the terrorist acts.

After the trainings ended, the Coordination group has analyzed in detail the level of implementation of the tasks, determined the state of security of the company and provided clear instructions for its management on how to act in case of possible threats.

Units of the Security Service Office in Kherson region, Special Forces of the Security Service of Ukraine from different regions, “Kord” special forces, representatives of the State Border Guard Service, the National Police, the State Emergency Service, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, Kherson Seaport employees and Kherson authorities were involved in the events.