Sat. May 28th, 2022

A church made of foamed plastic is being built in Kherson

Another cult building will soon appear in Kherson. The new church, the construction of which is in the final stage, will be located near the “Europort” shopping center. The material used in the construction is quite unusual for the building of temples and churches.

This was reported in Kherson Eparchy of the Local Church of Ukraine.

“The church is being built according to a new modern technology, using a special foam plastic, which will be then reinforced and covered with a hard cement shell construction. Taking this fact, it can be considered technologically a pilot project for the eparchy”.

If this technology proves successful in the future, where the local conditions will require this, it will be possible to build such lighter and cheaper church buildings.

This church is being built exclusively on donations of caring people, who appeared to be quite lot, and this provided an opportunity to move surprisingly quickly in the implementation of this project, without the involvement of powerful sponsors”, said in the statement.

It is also reported that a prayer service was held near the future church on Sunday. The service was led by Bishop Nicodemus of Kherson and Tavria. The day before, on Saturday, after the foundation for the construction of the building was ready, the main structure of the future church was erected during the day.