Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Military engineers are installing fortifications in the southern Ukraine

In the southern direction, the engineering units continue to equip the new positions and fortification work.

This was reported in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The engineering unit of the group of troops, which is on combat service in the southern direction of Ukraine, carries out the equipment of the new combat positions and the construction of the fortifications. In particular, since the beginning of the year, military engineers have customized trenches and shelters for military equipment, created a system of trenches between the blindages, and also continue the building of weapon emplacements for strengthening of the positions.

At the same time, the Engineering Combat Units of the interservice detachment of operational support are installing mine obstacles and non-explosive barriers, increasing the camouflage measures and work on the fortification equipment of the positions.

As previously reported, large-scale anti-terrorist trainings took place in Kherson region. The total number of units is more than 4,000 servicemen. The Separate Riffle Battalion and the Separate Brigade of the Territorial Defense with the command and 6 separate battalions are among them.

The main tasks of the trainings were:
– protection and defense of the state border;
– providing conditions on the reliable functioning of public authorities,military administration and the deployment of the troops (forces);
– protection and defense of critical objects and communications;
– fight against the sabotage and reconnaissance forces of the enemy, otherarmed formations of the aggressor and anti-state illegally formed armedformations;
– maintaining of the legal regime of martial law.