Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Large-scale anti-terrorist trainings took place in Kherson region

The Security Service of Ukraine is conducting large-scale multi-stage anti-terrorist trainings in Kherson region. During the training events, special attention is paid to the sea coastal zone of the region, as well as the administrative border with the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

This was reported in the Security Service of Ukraine.

Units of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Border Guard Service, the National Police and the State Service for Special Transport are taking part in the trainings.

The events are being held in conditions as close to the real ones.
During the training tasks, strategically important objects of critical infrastructure of Kherson region remain under intensified control. This especially includes the seaports, energy facilities, the airport, bridges and gas flares.

The participants of the trainings carry out joint regime and restrictive measures in the sea coastal settlements of the region.

The trainings are being conducted in strict accordance with the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine and super-compliance of human rights and freedoms.
The Security Service of Ukraine asks the residents of Kherson and guests of the region to understand the possible temporary inconveniences caused by the need to conduct the anti-terrorist trainings.