Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Kherson rescue group clearing mines in a torpedo-boat, which sank during the World War II

Фото Вікіпедія

The pyrotechnic group of the Emergency Rescue Squad of the Regional State Emergency Service continues the work on demining of the torpedo-boat destroyer “Frunze”, which sank in a time of the World War II in the Black Sea in the area of Tendra Spit of Holoprystan district.

This was reported by the SES of Ukraine in Kherson region.

During the demining process, which started on the 17th of August, 29 ammunition items had already been taken up to the surface and destroyed, including artillery shells of different caliber and also hand grenades.

In total, since the beginning of the demining operation of the torpedo-boat, Kherson pyrotechnic divers have been taken up to the surface and destroyed 965 various explosive objects.

“Frunze” was the torpedo-boat destroyer of the “Shchaslyvyi” type, which was built during the “Program of rushed strengthening of the Black Sea Fleet” and belonged to the number of torpedo-boat destroyers of the “Novik” type.

It was included to the list of the Black Sea Fleet on October, 11, 1911 and laid down on the stocks of the metal factory named in honor of A. Vadon in Kherson on the 16th of October, and put afloat on May, 25, 1914.

On the 21st of September, 1941, the torpedo-boat destroyer left Sevastopol for Odessa, however, was attacked by 9 Ju-87 dive-bombers in the area of the Tendra Spit. During the attack, the torpedo-boat destroyer was hit by 5 bombs and, having submerged its port-side into the water, sank (took the bottom) at the depth of 6 meters 9 miles from the Tendra Spit.

The perish of “Frunze” took the lives of 50 people of its crew, however, most of the ship’s crew members managed to survive on the deck superstructures and on the pipes of the destroyer, which after the sinking remained above the water.

June, 15, 2019, the pyrotechnic group of the purpose-built Emergency Rescue Squad of the Regional State Emergency Service began the demining operation of the torpedo-boat destroyer