Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

NATO warships will take part in military trainings in the Black Sea

In the lead of Spanish frigate «Álvaro de Bazán» (F-101), NATO’s Mediterranean naval group set the course for the Black Sea.

This was reported by the Ukrainian Military portal.

Since 30 June, Spain has led the SNMG-2 naval military group of NATO in Mediterranean Sea.
“The Second permanent naval group is one of the four NATO’s permanent naval military groups. It consists of two SNMG escort ships and two mine countermeasures ships with advanced readiness. They constitute the first element of response for a crisis situation in the sea”, – said Spanish Navy Captain Manuel Aguirre.

In 21 days, as prescribed by the international agreements, the ships will leave the Black sea.

According to Captain Manuel Aguirre, this supports the goals of NATO’s maritime strategy by following statements:

A permanent naval presence in the areas of NATO’s responsibility supports the strengthening of the Alliance’s positions in terms of deterrence and defense.
Readiness to immediate response to the crisis. This task includes conducting an internal training program and participating in the international and partnership trainings to maintain a high level of readiness and a high level of cooperation.
Strengthening of relationships and friendship between non-NATO countries through the port visits and military cooperative activities.
Checking at sea the relevancy of the new doctrines and tactics developed by NATO.
There are plans for Turkish and Romanian frigates, as well as for French oil tanker, to join the “Sea Breeze” trainings, and the trainings will be the first event of the SNMG-2 group held under Spanish command.

It is worth reminding that the Ukrainian army took the 27th place in 138 world’s armies list and the 9th place among European armies, according to the annual Global Firepower rating, which gives an assessment for a total military power of each country in the world.